Sunday Somatics: 

MovingBreath MovingSound  

Sundays, 3-4:30pm 

JAN 31, FEB 7, 14, 21 Ming’s Studio, Williamstown, MA 01267

Breath and sound lead us into moving as one with our body. Quiet your thinking mind and allow it join your breath, as it moves the body through it’s own natural unwinding to de-stress and express the soul and spirit that live within.  Allow yourself to move deeply and luxuriantly, from inside your own skin. This is housecleaning for the soul…a great way to prepare for the week.

This is a drop-in class, and reservations are welcome.  $20.

Bring a yoga mat, if you have one, and water to hydrate.

Moving On Purpose  

To be announced

Tasha Yoga, 610 Main Street, Williamstown, MA 01267

Do you have a project to get off the ground? ...a dream to manifest? Do you have niggling tasks that hover above your head and clutter your thoughts? … a junk drawer, closet or room that nags to be decluttered? 

Connect with your heart to affirm and support your endeavors. Share with the group, use your voice, gestures and movement to propel you into action! Be inspired and aspire to move forward! Create momentum…….Create in the moment…..…Create Life! 



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