GYROTONIC® method of movement and exercise


The GYROTONIC® method of exercise is for people of all ages and abilities, who want more mobility, strength and articulation of their bodies, to support living more fully. 


Gyrotonic movement was developed in the 1980's,by Juliu Horvath, a gymnast and dancer, intent on strengthening himself to avoid back surgery. He developed movement and equipment to lengthen and strengthen his spine. The movements are smooth and fluid, like yoga, tai chi or swimming. The circular and continuous ("gyro”) movement is non-impactful yet strengthening for the joints. Particular focus is on spinal flexibility and the core strength that supports the us a upright, walking humans. Breath and motion infuse the body with life-giving prana/chi/energy ("tonic”). 

This fluid movement is suitable for those challenged by conditions such as lyme disease, fibromyalgia or stroke. It's a great way to re-enter exercise after childbirth, injury rehabilitation or periods of non-exercise. Lengthening and strengthening the spine counter balances sedentary sitting or heavy lifting, and just plain living. Imagine putting space between your vertebrae, and moving outside your habitual postures and expanding into your fullest range of motion to feel alive and whole! Give your posture and attitude a lift with the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. 

Here are some of the benefits:

 • Supports fluid, coordinated, 

    full body movement

 • Improves muscular strength

    and elasticity 

 • Increases strength and flexibility of the joints

 • Improves spinal health and articulation

 • Increases mobility of the neck, shoulders and back

 • Increases range of motion

 • Improves athletic ability

 • Improves coordination

 • Reduces stress

 • Returning to exercise after not exercising

    (childbirth, traveling, working...)             

 • Breathing and moving. Inhale...exhale…move….


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