I believe in the innate intelligence of the body to communicate and to self-heal. When we approach the body with respect and appreciation, it responds and relaxes. As it eases into a deep state of relaxation, the rhythms and subtle movement patterns  can release, regroup and realign. They can come into harmonious, cooperative patterns and connections that integrate the physical, emotional and mental wellness of the whole person. I provide an informed, safe presence and listening hands for your body, so it is encouraged to relax and heal itself.

The body unwinds in it's unique way, and each session is guided by the unfoldment of your body. Although my bodywork comes out of a lifetime of deep tissue massage, I find that the more I patiently listen to the subtle messages of the body-soul-spirit, the more willing the tissues are to drop into a deeply healing state and to reorganize themselves for renewed health and aliveness. 

Sessions are supported with Flower essences, grounding (connecting to the earth), and a PEMF mat (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field mart).

This is clothes-on bodywork. Please wear comfortable clothing that lets the tissues breathe and expand.

The integration and healing happen with attention to: 

• The flow and tides of the craniosacral fluid

• Aligned, harmonious movement of bones and joints, including the cranial bones

• The organs, such as the kidneys, liver, lungs and heart, so they can      release holding and function more fully

• The chakras 

• Grounding / earthing

• Custom application of flower essences

Meeting the body and giving it presence, opens a pathway out of daily and accumulated stress, to self-healing.


Integrative, Healing Bodywork



Williamstown MA

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