What is Somatic Movement?

Somatic Movement is experiencing ourselves from within our bodies. It brings us into feeling connected and grounded in our earth body and into relationship with our body as "home."  We gain an "insider's" view of our body: feeling, sensing and moving in it. Experiential anatomy and somatic movement become a path to embodiment and living a fuller life on earth. 

Our Body-Soul-Spirit is an integrated whole, and the body is a "living history,” a tangible Gestalt gateway to open the past into the present. As we release restrictions in our habitual posture and movement, we open to the potential and fullness of who we are. As we increase our physical range of motion, we increase the range of motion of our whole being and increase our options in life. As the cells become alive and fluid, so our lives also become alive and fluid. The physical body that we can move and touch, becomes a doorway into the consciousness of our mind and spirit. Our expanded physical movement affects the hologram, and holistic healing happens. 

Benefits people have received:


• Reduced stress

• Self-acceptance

• Increased self-understanding

• Release from depression

• Resilience

• Integration of trauma or grief

• Increased calm and well-being

• Improved health and wellness

• Expanded creativity

• Increased neural integration

• Integration of consciousness

• Embodiment


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